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Rugile And Robert Rook.mp3

Rugile and Robert Rook

Rugile and Robert RookConcertgebouw Amsterdam The Netherlands 2015.mp3


ButterflyRugilė Daujotaitė and Robert Rook.mp3

Djazz tv Robert Rook interview.mp3

Rugilė and Robert One Peace of Magic DUO PRESENTATION.mp3

with Robert Rook at Wesopa Theatre.mp3

Robert Rook Live At Mijkes Middag 29 november 2013.mp3

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TV

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TVMagic Moments.mp3

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TV

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TVSomeday My Prince Will Come.mp3

Robert Rook

Robert RookMomentum.mp3

Robert Rook Trio Mei 2012.mp3

Robert Rook performs on LA JAZZ.mp3

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TV

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TVYou Don't know What Love Is.mp3

Mijke's Middag 29 november 2013 fragmenten met oa Robert Rook Trio.mp3

Rugile and Robert

Rugile and Robert Many Faces of Love .mp3

Djazz TV Iconic Jazz Portraits Robert Rook.mp3

Robert Rook Trio Live At JazzTival 2012.mp3

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TV

Robert Rook Trio at Djazz TVBass Feature.mp3

Robert Rook and Marcel Worms.mp3

Rugile Band Nica's Dream.mp3

Robert Rook Trio Live at Jazzfestival in Provadja.mp3


Rugile Band Casa Forte.mp3

Karel Stuivenberg drums Thomas Anderson bass Robert Rook piano 1996.mp3

Robert Rook Trio met Drained Feelings.mp3

The Paulsibilities @ the Kings Rook 20180112.mp3

Karel Stuivenberg drums Robert Rook piano Thomas Anderson bass 1996.mp3

Rugile Daujotaite

Rugile DaujotaiteJazz Crimes.mp3

Rugile Daujotaite

Rugile Daujotaite3 Lithuanian Folk Songs.mp3


RugilėLive Concert in Blue Note Amsterdam.mp3

Rugile Band Drumsolo in Casa Forte.mp3

Rugile Daujotaite Band Compilation Lithuania Tour 2016.mp3

Rugile Band Lithuania Three Lithuanian Folk Songs.mp3

Rugile Band

Rugile Band Lituanian Tour.mp3

My Funny Valentine.mp3

Rugile Band Lithuania My Favourite Things.mp3

Rugile Band : Sedziu Po Langeliu.mp3

Rugile Daujotaite

Rugile DaujotaiteRound Midnight.mp3

Rugile Daujotaite ft Kor Element

Rugile Daujotaite ft Kor ElementSodauto (Lithuanian Folk Song).mp3

DJAZZ tv Portrait Thomas Winther Andersen.mp3

Rugilė Daujotaitė

Rugilė DaujotaitėKrishna's Flute.mp3

Bart van Helsdingen kwartet plays at café Alto Amsterdam.mp3

Rugilė Daujotaitė

Rugilė DaujotaitėLiepa (Lithuanian Folk Song).mp3

Drum solo Ernst van Ee (Netherlands).mp3


RugilėFragment of an interview in Amsterdam.mp3

Rugilė Daujotaitė and LAIMINGUO

Rugilė Daujotaitė and LAIMINGUO Apvynytėl Spurguolytėl (Authentic Lithuanian Sutartinė song).mp3

Rugilė Daujotaitė

Rugilė DaujotaitėAngels of Light.mp3

Rugilė Daujotaitė

Rugilė Daujotaitė8 Chakras Vowels Singing Meditation.mp3

Rugile Daujotaite with My Favourite Things 4 Mei 2016 in Het Oude Pothuys.mp3

Rugile Daujotaite Music feat Ernst Reijseger

Rugile Daujotaite Music feat Ernst ReijsegerImprovised Folk Song.mp3